Don’t worry, be effective (and therefore happy)

Stress comes in many forms; the UK left the EU, England was dumped out the Euro 2016, the pound has dropped in value, a project at work is behind and they are laying off people and not to mention the a raging argument with the wife, my car vandalized and bills are piling up. SO safe to say i might have quite a bit to stress about, but so does everyone else so i’m not special or part of a small minority. Stress is a part of our everyday lives but what’s it really all about? I mean maybe we, as a generation, are stressing about things we don’t need to or prematurely?

There is a saying “Don’t worry about the things you cannot change” but i’d like to take that a step further. It is normal to worry about your own and your loved ones welfare so job security, financial problems and that looming dark cloud over you that is the unfinished argument with your spouse will cause distress and they are all things you can have an affect on. You are responsible for maintaining or acquiring a job and for the expenditure of your household and you can choose the best method to resolve the ongoing argument, and the stress these give you make them a priority in your life. With that said though, finding a solution for any of these issues won’t be found by further worry or stress. You’ll need a range of skills to help find resolution in any given situation but worrying isn’t one of them, the stress the issues have brought has done it’s job by prioritizing them in your life. So reword the phrase “Don’t worry about the things you cannot change, and concentrate on the things you can change without worrying!”


The man that brought to us “How to win friends and influence people” (which is excellent and a must read if you haven’t already) also put together “How to stop worrying and start living” which is a great insight into living efficiently and diminishing stress. Like the best seller before it the advice is timeless (published in 1948) and unlike other “self help” books it’s entertaining and doesn’t just rehash the obvious.

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