Ben Hale Training

Offer a variety of online fitness classes to help you achieve your goals. From a background of Boxing and Ironman Triathlon.


Welcome to Ben Hale Personal Training. But who is Ben Hale?

I am based just North of the Lake District in Cumbria, Married with Two Children and my sport of choice is Triathlon. My background is in Boxing, which thankfully put me on the path I’m on Today. I still coach at the Local Boxing Gym and have been for around Six years as I love giving back to the community which has given me so much.

Online Coaching

I recently found myself transitioning from working in a Gym to coaching fully online. I’ve had a great start with some fantastic results and specialise in helping busy Dads like myself, transition from an unhealthy, comfortable lifestyle to a healthy, challenging one. Many of these Dads are friends, or friends of friends, and originally came to me for advice having witnessed my success in long distance Triathlon, wanting to transform and challenge themselves too.

Transitions like these are what I live for. Helping others achieve far more than they thought possible and realise their potential is my new found purpose.

Online Classes

In addition to my online coaching, I also put on a mean exercise class, open to both Ladies and Men. It’s priced at a very reasonable Monthly fee and I currently manage to deliver 5 classes per week. Included within this are recordings of the classes which are put into the group in case you miss one. 


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