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AW Running Fitness was founded in 2017 to guide and support runners of all abilities, from beginners to ultra runners.


AW Running Fitness was founded in 2017 to guide and support runners of all abilities, from beginners to ultra runners.

Providing qualified Coaching in Running Fitness and with a Batchelor of Sports Science, we create targeted and bespoke training plans to meet the goals and needs of individual runners.

AW prides itself on promoting an inclusive and supportive nature, having striven to build a community that has gone from strength to strength, proven not only, in performance of our runners but in the engagement, camaraderie and motivation they provide one another on a daily basis.

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More about what we offer:

Various plans are available over 8 or 16 weeks,  depending on your budget, needs and personal goals. They can be tailored to your individual requirements and can be built to work for any goal – whether you are working towards a PB time, taking on a new distance challenge or simply looking to rekindle a love for running. Both the Standard and Bespoke plans can be created in miles or kilometres depending on your preference and can also include heart rate zones to ensure training and recovery is optimized. 

Standard Block Plans

The standard plans are great for those who have a clear goal in mind, who are self motivated and already have a base fitness level from running regularly.

You will receive regular support and two-way communication from your coach who will provide you with a training schedule laid out over your chosen length. This plan will outline the types of runs as well as time and intensity required to achieve your goal as agreed with your coach.

Bespoke Plans

These bespoke plans are perfect for individuals wanting an adaptable programme with a more personal approach to their training schedule.

 Your coach will be available to provide support throughout the length of your chosen plan where you will also have regular consultations allowing your plan to be customised on a weekly basis to suit your changing lifestyle, accommodating races and fatigue to help you reach your goal.

After you initial enquiry, we will create a pre-assessment questionnaire for you to complete. This will allow us to understand your running background, experience and which plan you would like. Once this is returned, we will provide details of an Assessment Run which will allow your plan to be personalised. 

 All packages come with unlimited coach contact via email, Whatsapp and phone.

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