Men are from planet fitness, women are from slimming world!

Okay, maybe not Planet Fitness itself (especially with it’s unexplainable and peculiar rules and regulations) and maybe not the popular dieting programme Slimming World but when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, on a whole men gravitate towards the gym and women opt for a dieting regime. I can understand why too; the ideal body for a man is deemed as a muscular physique and women desire a slim build. Yes, woman want to have tone to them too and men don’t want the flabby spare tire around their gut but there’s priorities and feel good factors that drive the genders to what seems the ultimate plan of diet or gym respectively; Women’s priority is to fit into clothes that they bought in yesteryear and men want to fill out that t-shirt so their biceps bulge can be seen regardless of the fabric covering them. And the feel good factor? women like it when they see a few extra pounds have been lost over the course of a week and men like to endorphin rush and pump of a session at the gym.

This may be a generalisation and modern day trends means there are more women at the gym and more men opting to count calories. But theres a long way to go before equality is reached in both categories. But thats not the issue! The fact is that many seem to focus on a single aspect, whether it be diet or gym. The solution to the desired physique is rarely complete…maybe here lies the problem? Magazines and online ads are filled with tips and tricks to “lose the belly”, “slim for summer”, “pack on the muscle” or other calls for you to delve into their material for the latest or / and greatest information for changing your body. My point is, maybe we are asking the wrong question or rather have the wrong goals?! I’m not against wanting to look good, I myself love it when the benefits of a rounded training regime and a healthy diet are noticeable. But it’s a bonus of trying to attain a healthy lifestyle not the main goal!

If we aim for health rather than gratifying our desire for an aesthetically pleasing physique then perspective becomes much easier. Dieting fads are abolished as we focus on correct nutrition and a lopsided gym routine is left by the wayside as we have a much more rounded approach. There is still room for chosen disciplines – bodybuilders can still pump up for massive gains in strength yet can enjoy a slim physique and not tire out when running up stairs, endurance sportsmen & women can improve their ability, stave injury and hold their child aloft without fatiguing within seconds as an all round fitness and strength is attained etc.. etc.. The point is, ignore the calls for a great physique as this will come as bonus benefit of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Then Men and Women will be equal once more…well, at least they will share a common goal and we will all be fitter and healthier for it!

Don’t agree? Have another perspective? Or maybe looking for advice? Please get in touch as we would love to hear form you!

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