Born To Run. Born For Action.

Born to run. Born for action.



Are we wasting the gift of our incredible human body? Something that has been fine tuned to perfection by virtue of over 4 million years of evolution to enable us to, for instance, outrun any other mammal on earth over long distances?

It was only incredibly recently in history that the large majority of us humans have been freed from having to do physical activity in order to survive. As hunter gatherers our bodies evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be capable of walking or running at least 12-15 km per day. As a result our bodies are loaded with all kinds of features: short toes that require less energy to stabilize and generate less shock when running; the Achilles tendon that stores and releases energy appropriately as we run; the large gluteus maximus muscles that steady the trunk; and stabilization of the head.

Not really physical attributes required for spending hour after hour lounging around on the sofa, lying in bed until mid afternoon or driving the car to the shop around the corner instead of walking.

Illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease are being blamed on physical inactivity, our greed and over indulgence of inappropriate processed, sugary and unwholesome food and drink. Not to mention the negative physiological effects of inactivity.

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Being active has proven scientific benefits to our mental health… it really a coincidence that social disorder and anti social behaviour are more prevalent in cultures prone to the above?

It’s also recently been proved that 75% of contributory factors to the onset of dementia are lifestyle related.

Do yourself a favour. Get out there, be true to your human heritage and celebrate what you have. Take it step by step…..treat it like your own evolution!

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